One highly amusing post that I found on the Internet when I was writing this article was “12 signs you should get back with your ex”. An important one, perhaps, for people who might be thinking of buying Michael Fiore’s relationship program “Text Your Ex Back”!

Why is that?

Can Texting Get Your Relationship Back on track?

Can Texting Get Your Relationship Back on track?

Because the First Thing That Text Your Ex Back focuses on are the indications that might suggest you should be getting back together with your partner because there is a foundation for a new relationship that is thoroughly healthy and desirable.

You see, the point is people often get back together because they need the ego boost of being in a relationship, or they need to feel good because of being needed, or they need to feel wanted by their partner.

None of those are good relationship foundation, because they all put pressure on your partner is undesirable — let’s face it, people should be together because they want to be together.

So what are the signs that you could use to indicate that actually you still love your ex-partner and he or she still loves you? In other words, what are the signs that you should be thinking of getting back together with your partner, perhaps by using Michael Fiore’s program Text Your Ex Back?

Well the first one is that even though your relationship is supposedly over, your ex-partner may suddenly start text thing or e-mailing you, or even phoning you, and pretending, or least giving the appearance, that everything is “business as usual.”

But the question of course then arises — well, what has actually changed? The truth is that probably nothing, because unless there is some indication that the reasons you broke up don’t any longer exist, or either review is working to change them, getting back together will probably not be a good thing.

Text Your Ex Back

Text Your Ex Back

So you could challenge a person who is broken up with you in their first communications by asking them quite bluntly whether or not they’ve had any further thoughts about why your relationship broke down.

If they don’t have any clear answer to this question, then it’s probable that they haven’t given much thought to why they want to get back together with you. I mean, let’s face facts: it could even be something as ridiculous as the fact that they want sex.

That is rather demeaning of both you and your ex-partner — particularly if you agree to give it to them!

So the 12 signs that might really indicate that something is genuinely different are:

  • he seems to be worried or upset because he genuinely cares for you
  • you continue to communicate deeply and openly about what happened in your relationship & where you might want to go in the future
  • your ex-partner is really apologetic about what went wrong, genuinely understands what went wrong, and truly wants to make a difference in the future
  • your ex-partner wants to make things up to you
  • your ex-partner shows renewed devotion to you, by helping you in some meaningful way that doesn’t feel like it’s just a manipulative tactic
  • you suddenly find yourself on the receiving end of a large amount of romantic overtures from your ex-partner
  • your ex-partner suddenly starts to express appreciation for everything that you are and have done and continue to do
  • anybody who’s cheated in the relationship admits it, confesses their guilt, and stops doing it
  • and particularly, more than anything else, if a partner wants to actually engage in a growth program of some kind with you then that’s a beautiful sign that they’re serious about change

Marriage or moving in together are also key indicators of a change of heart!

Now, one thing a psychologist once said to me was that in changing our futures, by not doing what we’ve repeatedly done in the past, requires only a little difference between where we were and where we wish to be: and that difference is “just being a little bit braver”.

If you can be just a little bit braver about your relationship, then it’s possible that you might really have a good future together, and one of the ways in which you can guarantee that is to use a program which makes sure that your reconciliation, or your renewed contact, proceeds in a way that is not threatening to either of you.

I believe one of the programs that does this best is Text Your Ex Back by Mike Fiore, who is a relationship guru and online counsellor and therapist.

This website shows how a couple can “Text Back Together”!

Anything that can help people get back together if they genuinely feel love for each other and think that they have made a mistake about breaking up in the first place, has to be a great asset. Mike Fiore appeared on the Rachael Ray show a long time ago – well, at least in Internet terms! In fact, it was in 2011, to promote his pioneering program for couples “Text The Romance Back!”

Since then he’s gone on to write Text Your Wife Into Bed, Text Your Ex Back, and a number of other programs,  all of which have received widespread acclaim for his sound psychological principles and simple, down-to-earth approach.

Video By Mike Fiore

So you might be wondering just exactly what is behind Text Your Ex Back, in terms of the psychology of “texting your ex back into a relationship”.

I would sum it up by saying it’s all about psychological principles from the TA school of psychotherapy and counseling. This is a way of achieving communication between couples that conveys information in the most appropriate way to the circumstances. For example, in the earliest days of a breakup, the most appropriate way to communicate information is — not at all!

That’s a fact that is emphasized by Mike Fiore in his program, when he says that couples who have broken up should have absolutely no contact with each other for 30 days, a kind of cooling off period during which they can sort out exactly what it is they want from each other.

After that, however, lines of communication can be opened, starting in the Transactional Analysis mode of Adult to Adult conversation, where emotional interactions that might be misunderstood and misinterpreted can be avoided.

As a couple re-establish intimacy, at more and more intense levels, it’s possible to change communication from simple unemotional data exchange to gradually increasing levels of involvement.

In Text Your Ex Back, Mike Fiore provides absolutely everything that you need to turn his theoretical method of SMS messaging your ex-partner into a practical system for re-engaging with them in a genuine relationship is both heartwarming and rewarding for both.

Now you be glad to know that this system has been tested by thousands and thousands of people, and it’s met with universal approval, and very few returns for a refund. I accept that that may not Be a completely reliable indicator of a program psychological soundness, but it’s a darn good indication of the fact that people regard a highly and think that it has worked in their lives.

If you visit my review site, you’ll find out all about it:


Text Your Ex Back

Now you may think that it’s kind of crazy to suggest that a system of relationship renewal based on text messaging can possibly save your relationship, or get your relationship back “online”.

And I can quite understand why you might think that, because text messaging is a system that’s used to convey information on a dispassionate basis, usually around things like whether you’re going to get in on time or not.

But of course it’s also used to convey emotional messages between partners in a romantic relationship, and the very fact that it can be used in both these ways is actually the basis of the whole system that will allow you to use it for the renewal of a relationship after you’ve broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Video – Mike Fiore

You see, by starting with messages that simply convey information in a dispassionate and unemotional way, you can read build interest — and later trust with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, specifically by following the instructions in Michael Fiore’s system Text Your Ex Back.

As you may or may not know, Mike Fiori is the guru of Internet dating and relationship programs, having produced such gems as “Text Your Wife Into Bed”, “Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever”, in conjunction with Claire Casey, and indeed the one we are currently discussing which is called Text Your Ex Back. You can read more reviews of Text Your Ex Back here.

Now I fully support all of those people who suggest that a new relationship advice systems like this can be dodgy, because they’re often produced for the sake of making money on the Internet by selling cheap programs with no backup and no guarantee of success.

Where Mike Fiore differs, of course, is that he is a man of integrity, to whom I have personally spoken many times, and with whom I have conducted interviews, leaving me in no doubt that even though he lacks formal psychological counselling training, he is actually well qualified to advise on how to establish relationships that work.

Mike Fiore has been producing Internet programs on relationships for over 10 years now, and the reason he has succeeded so massively, is because he has simply distilled all the information facts and advice we all know to be true about how relationships work.

Now, even if you’re somewhat doubtful about the possibility of writing text messages to your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, I advise you to try this. The way it works is that you’re provided with information about every stage of a process for gradually increasing intimacy between you and your ex-partner.

You start by sending messages which are based on information provision, and gradually build up more and more emotionally intimate messages which give partner and entirely clear sense of your desire to re-establish a relationship.

And “re-establish a relationship” is exactly what you have to do here, because this isn’t about rebuilding relationship you’ve lost because you want somebody back, just for the sake of your ego or public appearance.

You genuinely have to want a new relationship with the person that you once loved, perhaps loving them in a new way which allows a different expression of individual thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Of course it’s not easy to establish a new relationship with an ex-partner with whom you’ve broken up: you can’t do it in exactly the same way, because if you do, all the old issues that upset you before will resurface.

What has to happen here is that the relationship is built on new principles of mutual understanding and respect — and so your motivation is absolutely essential before you even start out on this program.

Fortunately, Text Your Ex Back Contains a whole community of people to whom you have access when she bought into the program, allowing you to explain yourself and your actions to them, get feedback, and be honored for the success — or otherwise — of what you’ve been doing with this new and exciting relationship breakup “mender”.

We all know that there can be regrets after a relationship has broken up, but the question that often arises for people is how they can possibly know whether or not the breakup was in their best interests.

Because often after a breakup the feelings that overcome one are all about affection and love, and a desire to re-establish a relationship based on memories of the good things that happened with your ex-partner.

Yet we also know that getting back together with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, no matter how desirable it might seem when the relationship has ended, can be a minefield: the arguments can start again, the disagreements that led to breakup in the first place can resume, and you’re no better off than you were before.

Obviously in a situation like this, you need to be absolutely certain that you do indeed want to get back together with your ex-boyfriend or get back together with your ex-girlfriend. Yet “recovering your ex” is not a simple matter: as we described above, the first thing you have to do is be absolutely certain that you do indeed want to get back together with them.

And then, once you’ve made that decision, you have to be absolutely certain that your relationship is going to be different this time around — when you think about it, this makes perfect sense, because if it was exactly the same, you’d just breakup again!

So how on earth are you going to make these decisions?

Well, one answer is to get help from an Internet program such as Text Your Ex Back. This is a program written by relationship advice guru Mike Fiore, who is well-known for many different programs on the Internet including Text The Romance Back and, written with Claire Casey, a program for women who want to be sure of capturing a man’s love called “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You For Ever“.

Video – Text Your Ex Back

You may think that the idea of turning to the Internet for assistance with a relationship breakup is rather banal; however there are perfectly good reasons why this approach makes sense. For one thing, you don’t have the expense of seeing a therapist or counsellor face-to-face — obviously a major advantage!

Secondly, you can take things at your own pace, and accept only that part of the information which seems to apply to you. Furthermore, although I don’t like to mention the fact (!) there’s also a moneyback guarantee with most Internet program, which ensures that you’re never going to lose money, even if the program turns out to be unsuitable.

However, having said that, I very much doubt that you are going to find that Text Your Ex Back is unsuitable — and here’s why.

To start with, Mike Fiore majors on telling you how important it is to ensure that you really do want to get back together with your ex-partner. I mean, this seems like an obvious thing, but a lot of people who’ve gone through a relationship breakup are not sure of the dynamics of the deep emotions that they’re feeling, and because of this they are prone to make certain mistakes – like jumping in with both feet – when in fact they should be stepping back and considering just what is going on!

So Mike’s first piece of advice is to take a 30 day break from all contact with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend before you try and re-establish the relationship, or make it up with them. This allows you to maintain some distance from your ex, and ensures that you’re not getting back together out of a sense of desperation, need, obligation or guilt. (There’s a beautiful website called out of the fog which explains all of these issues beautifully — FOG standing for fear obligation and guilt!)

So after 30 days, the next question is obviously, well what are you going to say to your ex-partner? and here’s the amazing thing….

You’re not in fact going to say anything, because all of the communication that you engage in is done by text message. And the great advantage of this is that it avoids the misunderstandings that can come from communicating in person; you can use text messages, or SMS messages as a rather unemotional and detached way of communicating — and in fact you can also use them to spark your ex-partner’s interest.

And you can do that, more importantly, in a way which is nonthreatening, non-provocative, and decidedly free of obligation or guilt!

What this means in practice of course, is that you will be able to convey a sense of how you’re feeling about the breakup, and your desire to re-establish the relationship, in a way that is acceptable to your partner — meaning, it’s not going to reignite the anger, rage, or fear that led to the breakup in the first place.

Now I’ve reviewed Mike Fiore’s program in great detail, to provide you with an insight into whether or not it might help you — you can see what I have to say on my website called Texting to Love. Here’s what some customers had to say about it: